Now more than ever with the RTI (Real time information) and Auto Enrollment workplace pensions rules, the work involved in employing staff can be a huge burdon on the small business.  First of all there is the minefield of PAYE and National Insurance, and then there are all the new regulations for workplace pensions, student loans, maternity pay, paternity leave – the list is endless!

The ongoing cost of a payroll package and the annual updates, together with the problem of having a staff member (usually the owner or manager) being tied to producing wages, leads many businesses to outsource this area in order to free up their staff to be more productive.

At Taxwise we offer a full payroll bureau service to businesses, large or small.

Auto Enrollment

We can also deal with Auto Enrollment on your behalf.  We will assess your workforce and advise which employees need to be auto-enrolled into a workplace pension.  We can provide assistance in setting up a pension fund and once up and running, we will process the deductions and upload a report to your chosen pension fund provider.
Whether you do your pay runs weekly, monthly or 4-weekly, we provide you with an employer's payroll report, payslips for all your staff, and a note of the associated PAYE / NIC liabilities.  We provide forms P45 / P60 when appropriate.
We submit all RTI returns to HMRC and reconcile the amount of tax you have paid with your total liability for the year, ensuring that you have not over/under paid.
We can prepare your P11D returns for expenses paid to employees and any benefits in kind, and calculate any Class 1A National Insurance liability.
We can help you through the minefield of company car taxation and help you decide whether it is more tax advantageous to use a company car or to claim business mileage.
If you wish to manage your own payroll, that is absolutely fine - we are on hand to give help if required and can also provide you with software that is utterly amazing!
We can manage your weekly or monthly payroll, however large or small.

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